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The Little Book of Calm for Cats
The Little Book of Calm for Cats

By Stuart & Linda Macfarlane Illustrated by Erika Oller Published by Transworld Publications

Life is changing rapidly with each new day more chaotic than the last. These changes have been particularly horrific for cats for while a mere four thousand years ago they were revered as gods, now they must co-exist on almost equal terms with humans. This terrible comedown in status has severely shaken their self-esteem. A modern cat has so many pressures placed on it, so many commitments. There are mice to chase, curtains to scratch, humans to train .... and a vast amount of sleeping and grooming to fit in. It's not surprising that so many suffer from stress and experience burnout even before they reach their fourth life. The Little Book of Calm for Cats aims to remedy this problem by helping them find moments of calm in their frenzied existence. By following the book's advice serenity and tranquillity will once again permeate each of their nine lives.

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