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The Little Book of Stress
The Little Book of Stress

By Stuart & Linda Macfarlane Illustrated by Roland Fiddy Published by Exley Publications

Available in eighteen languages.

Are you being driven mad by all this New Age calm and serenity? Well,

The Little Book of Stress is the perfect antidote. It is packed with simple, practical suggestions that will raise your blood pressure, stoke up that tension and drive you totally crazy!

Languages available include:

Language     Title

German         Alles über Stress
French           Le Petit Livre Du Stress
Portuguese    O pepueno livro do Stress
Italian             Stressami, Stress!
Slovenian       Knjizica O Stresu - Stres
Finnish           Pieni Elamanopas Stressi
Spanish         El pequeno libro del Estres
Swedish       Lilla boken om Stress
Danish          Den lille bog om Stress
Dutch            Stress! Zo krijg je het . . .

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